Frequently Asked Questions

  1. As a Service Provider
  2. As a Customer ( Looking for a Service)

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We Currently offer every new Service Provider on the website to use our Product Free for 2 months as a trial, after which you can then proceed to Various Payment Options.

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Once the trial version is complete under 'PRO', if you proceed to renew your subscription you will be redirected to a payment page to select your various options of a number of months. 

If you do not wish to continue with the subscription, you will be automatically moved to 'PRIMARY' which will have only your basic details.

You can make all your payments via Online Banking methods ( using any preferred card). doesn't store any card details of Service Providers/Customers.

All payments to our Subscription are made via Secure Network from a Third Party Banking Application.

At any given time you decide to cancel your subscription or do not wish to continue with us, your profile will be automatically moved to 'PRIMARY' and your data if updated on the 'PRO' Profile will be saved with us upto a period of 3 months, so in order for you to activate your profile. policy states that we don't offer any refund unless there is an unexpected error during a transaction at the time of payment or due to any fraudulent activities. Any refunds, in this case, will be investigated and then upon approvals will be decided to get any refund. Please read our Terms and conditions ( ) for more details.

At, we assure that the confidentiality and privacy of any/all Service Providers listed on the website as well as Customers logged in. Please read our Privacy Policy ( ) for more details.